Spello is nestled on the farthest slope of Mount Subasio, a steadfast custodian of centuries of history. It has Umbrian origins, a strong Roman imprint and medieval traces. Known as the “very splendid Julia Colony” during Roman domination, today it is a picturesque medieval town with numerous monuments and sites: the Roman Amphitheatre, the Consular Gate, the Urbica Gate, the Arce Gate, the Venus Gate flanked by the two dodecagonal towers from the Middle Ages called the “Towers of Propertius”, and the Roman Mosaics recently found in the village of Sant’Anna. Remains of the Roman walls can still be seen today and provide the foundation for the medieval walls. The ancient urban layout stands miraculously intact, with winding little streets and flower-laden balconies. In the midst of this scenery, superb gems stand out such as the Tega Chapel, the extraordinary cycle of paintings in the Baglioni Chapel created by Pinturicchio, the 16th century Palazzo Canonici that houses the Art Gallery, and the churches of Sant’Andrea and San Lorenzo. Outside the city walls visitors can admire the Romanesque church of San Claudio and Villa Fidelia.



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