The city’s greatest identifying symbol is Palazzo Trinci, named after the family that ruled the city from 1305 to 1439, currently home to the Civic Museum, Art Gallery and Joust Museum. The building houses a cycle of 15th century frescos that were recently confirmed as the work of Gentile da Fabriano, major representative of international Gothic painting. The building looks out onto Piazza della Repubblica, bordered by the wing that opens up onto the Cathedral of San Feliciano, the Municipal Hall and the Palazzetto del Podestà. Be sure to visit the Nunziatella Oratory with its fresco by Perugino, the ancient church of Santa Maria Infraportas and the San Domenico complex, known today as the Auditorium, which preserves some of Foligno’s most important frescos from the 14th and 15th century.



Where to shop


Corso Cavour, 116


The best shoe store in town. Mariangela, the owner, is very well known for her wide choice of shoes for women and men. She also sells beautiful handbags and leather clothes. Prada, D&G, Car Shoe, Miu Miu, and more.

Francesca Greco

Via Rutili, 14


This talented young woman has a beautiful shop filled with her artwork: paintings, books, T-shirts, key holders, painted wooden boxes, and much more. Wander inside and you are bound to find something unique.

Marina B

Piazza San Francesco, 7 – women wear – home & garden

Marina’s shop is my favourite! I love her choice of linen dresses, pants and her selection of scarves. Easy-going and inexpensive. In Marina’s shop you will also find a beautiful collection of antiques, chandeliers, ceramics, furniture and accessories for house and garden.

Mario Salvucci

Via Mameli, 109 – tel. 0742 22606 – by appointment only

Mario is a lamp designer who also creates wonderful jewellery. After living and working for many years in New York, he returned to Italy and created the Progetto Lanterne lighting collection.